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Quick Graphs to make PCB Track Width and Silkscreen Ratios easy.

Recently I had to make a series of circuit boards using Eagle Cad.

I spent a lot of time calculating track widths to make sure my circuit board could handle the current I was using.
Then I had to do more calculations for font ratios. so that that all lines were wide enough to work with the silk screening process.

Sick of this; I quickly used matlab to create a few charts so I could look up the answers quickly.
I thought I would share these charts and the matlab scripts, hope they are useful.

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Are doctors really over-prescribing antibiotics & creating super-bugs that will kill us all?

“Antibiotics are over prescribed by doctors and that’s creating super-bugs that will kill us all”.
I know many of my friends will hate me for this, but I’m calling bullshit.
Here is the story of how I recently changed my stance on the issue.

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10 ways to (actually) make university IT assignments more relevant to industry.

I was asked how I would make assignments more relevant to industry, my response was not what they expected.

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43 email sign-offs, and what they really mean to an Australian.

A list of what people are really saying when they sign of an e-mail.

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Interpreting the Cascajal Block

There is a significant archaeological artefact, the Cascajal Block, that remains an untranslated mystery.

A quite plausible purpose (and most of the translation) of the Cascajal Block jumped out at me strait away. Here is my translation, that even accounts for the infamous cootie glyph and non standard writing directions.

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Comprehensive Example Code Demonstrating using Arduino Flash Memory via PROGMEM

The post is a huge set of PROGMEM examples (done as unit tests) which you can freely copy and paste into your work.

The readership level is set at those who are already familiar with the arduino PROGMEM documentation here and the use of the F() macro and __FlashStringHelper*. Its designed as a reference on how to accomplish many different common tasks in PROGMEM , from standard string functions, to structures and arrays. The idea is to save you the “lets see how to make this work” time and communicate common pitfalls.

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Large & Interesting Datasets

This is a list of impressive / interesting data-sets I have come across. They are typically free, machine readable, downloadable and extensive.