43 email sign-offs, and what they really mean to an Australian.

A list of what people are really saying when they sign off an e-mail.

Sign-offs used formally in the first messages sent between two parties.

  • Yours sincerely, this is our ‘first formal email’.  BTW: If this is not our first formal email, things are not progressing well.
  • Best regards, I liked your ‘first formal email’, lets use “Cheers,” from now on.
  • Regards, I disliked your ‘first formal email’.

Common sign-offs.

  • Sincerely,   This message started with “Dear [insert name here]”.
  • Sincerely yours,  I like to read flowery romance novels.
  • -[My Name], Your on my shit list
  • -[My initials], So many emails have gone back and forth its more like a chat, so I am dropping the sign off.
  • Cheers,  Standard casual and friendly sign off. your not on my shit list.
  • Cheers!, I’m an American, but trying not to act like it.
  • Hope this helps, I just solved your problem, big time!

When people actually still use ‘yours’

  • Yours, Hint, hint…
  • Yours truly, Can I please be your pen-pal?

Politely worded insults.

  • Awaiting your response, Had enough of your bullshit, This email conversation is being recorded.
  • I am, Sir, your most humble and obedient servant,  You can totally get fucked, I got a new job lined up.
  • I beg to remain, Sir, your most humble and obedient servant Oops, the other job I had lined up didn’t work out.
  • Take care, …as I expect to not hear from you for a while.

Romantic undertones?

  • Warm regards, by the way, are you single?
  • Warmest regards, I’m a bit creepy..

Business speak.

  • Looking forward to meeting you,  your resume was very good.
  • Looking forward to our next meeting,  That last meeting didn’t suck.

Messages of thanks.

  • Thanks, The author hands out a lot of tasks.
  • Thanks!  The author hands out a lot of tasks, and is a bit of jerk.
  • THANKS!!!  The appreciative author is not accustomed to giving praise.
  • Thanks-you so much, Author is genuinely appreciative.
  • Many thanks, I’m a genuinely appreciative person, who works in finance.
  • 10q. Appreciative maths geek.. [say “10q” out loud]
  • Tanks very much,  When you have a second, I also need help with the spelling auto-correct.
  • THX, Appreciative person who answers emails via their cell phone.


  • Best wishes, This e-mail was in lieu of a greeting card.
  • Love, If you don’t also rely with ‘Love’, its probably going to get a bit awkward.
  • TTFN, Author is not yet sick of the response ‘What does TTFN mean?’.
  • XOXO, Author is a teenager… or a cougar.
  • Keep in touch, Further correspondence is your responsibility.

Auto Generated..

  • Sent from my iPhone,  Typos never looked so cool.
  • Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail. Seriously dude its 2015, and I’m sick of you printing out my emails.

Unusual, but refusing to die.

  • Sounds awesome, Let me rap with you, younger person.
  • Ciao!  I’m an American, but trying not to act like it (see Cheers!).
  • Adiós muchachos!, (I’m an American, but trying not to act like it (see Cheers!).
  • See you in Church,  Yay we are in the same club.
  • God Bless,   Because invoking the Lords blessing is not uncomfortable in a business setting at all.
  • No probs, Relax, I got this.


  • Hasta la vista baby, This was either the coolest or dorkiest e-mail ever!

and finally….

  • This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this e-mail by mistake you must notify the sender immediately and delete this e-mail from your system. Be advised that any unauthorised use, dissemination, forwarding, printing or copying of this information is strictly prohibited.  – See how my company lawyer likes to say these things; just like you (or the courts) would give a shit. Please don’t take the fact that this e-mail closes with threats of legal action personally.