What’s inside an integrated circuit? We broke one open and scanned it for you at 12,800DPI

Because you always wondered what was inside. See if you can guess which IC it was?

Useful image for teachers, overhead slides etc.
NB: This is not always a good DIY or classroom activity. Be aware that some electrical components create a seriously hazardous dust when broken open. Rectifiers, Hi Power transistors, Older IC’s & IC’s with certain head spreaders as well as some IC’s designed for use in microwaves contain Beryllium Oxide.  While safe to handle, the dust particles created when they are damaged will make you gravely ill.

Download large and detailed image [4096 x 5686] (1.5mb) here
Download full scan [16394 x 22761] (27mb, use save as, because images this large still crash some broswers) here

Inside an integrated circuit.

Inside an integrated circuit.

What’s the white grid? Its a standard prototyping board, used to protect the scanner from the IC’s pins.