Maze Making Software


This software creates mazes of different sizes and configurable appearance. It is designed for teachers and makers. It can save the output as printable sheets or bitmap images.

This software is provided free for all commercial / non commercial uses with the exception of commercial publishing.  If your an author or newspaper you should contact me for an affordable, no-royalty site licence.




Examples of different types of output

Example Maze

Can it do large mazes, like really large mazes?… YES.



Install or run directly (Windows / .NET)  here

Last update:  2016-9-29


  • Beta software (minor bugs to iron out, but quite usable)
  • Smooth edges when wall width is set to 1 are buggy.
  • Even line widths produce a better output.

What is done:

  • Generates a valid maze.
  • Appearance is configurable.
  • Maze size is configurable.
  • Printing is enabled (adjust blockSize to alter print output size)
  • Zooming in, moving etc (few minor bugs still).
  • Support for DPI / block size.

Next Release

  • Bug fixes
  • Support for graphical inserts
  • Ascii output

Road Map

  • Will probably combine this with other software I have written to create a puzzle creation suite.


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