35 Strange Alternatives for the Word “Return”.


After seeing an item stamped “return to sender”, I got thinking.
The word “return” is based in latin: re (back) + tornare (to turn). ie to turn back.

I figured I’d make few other useful phrases, that I could use in my postal affairs, which stemmed from the word ‘return’.

The List of Alternate “Returns”.

  • abturn [ab = away from]:   “quick send it anywhere, but here”
  • scopeturn [scope = examine]:   “on closer inspection, you can have it back”
  • teleturn [tele = distance]:   “I decided it was best to send it far, far away”
  • anturn [an = without]:   “I sent it back empty”
  • adturn [as = toward]:   “send to this John instead”
  • ambiturn [ambi = both sides]:   “I don’t want it back, you have it.”
  • antiturn [anti = against]:   “this thing seems un-returnable”
  • disturn [dis = not]:   “I refuse to send it back”
  • poleinturn [polein = money]:   “I will sell it back to you… how’s $50 sound?”
  • archturn [arch = ancient]:   “It took them way too long to return it…”
  • autoturn [auto = self]:   “Everything is sent back automatically”
  • agereturn [agere = agent]:   “I’m sending it back on their behalf”
  • biturn [bi = turn]:   “I sent it back in two parts”
  • polyturn [poly = many]:   “I sent it back broken into many parts”
  • bioturn [bio = life]:   “it turned mouldy, have it back.”
  • mortiturn [morti = dead]:   “it died, have it back.”
  • egoturn [ego = myself]:   “I gave it back…. to myself!”
  • preturn [pre = before]:   “on the way to a returner”
  • postturn [post = after]:   “on the way back from the returner”
  • psycheturn [psyche = mind, soul]:   “believed to be returned”
  • sinturn [sin = together]:   “returned with some other stuff as well”
  • phageturn [phage = eat]:   “After starting to eat it, I decided to send it back.”
  • periturn [peri = around]:   “Gave it to John, to give to Bob, to give to you.”
  • nomenturn [nomen = name]:   “Sent it on, to the correct person…”
  • liberturn [liber = free]:   “I set it free”
  • publicusturn [publicus = public]:   “gave it back, but made a big scene in public.”
  • portoturn [porto = carry]:   “I had to carry it back”
  • maniturn [mania = obsessive]:   “absolutely has to return everything on time”
  • fraterturn [frater = brother]:   “actually, I sent it to your brother”
  • identurn [idem = the same]:   “returned to you something identical”
  • homoturn [home = same]:   “returned to you something similar”
  • geoturn [geo = earth]:   “I buried it.”
  • exturn [ex = out]:   “I threw it outside.”
  • epiturn [epi = over]:   “I threw it over the fence.”
  • ripariaturn [riparia = river]:   “I threw it in the lake.”