Random Thoughts

Could we get street lights to start flashing 30 seconds before an ambulance is due to come through?

All traffic would have time to organise itself into one lane and emergency vehicles could proceed without obstruction. This seems easy to achieve using existing


Compiler errors should link through to concise explanations or solutions on  stackoverflow, or some error code explanation wiki.

Lats face it, this will speed up things a bit; especially when learning a new language.


Give random rich/powerfull people weird handshakes. See if you can pass for Illuminati.

It’s like going to go around to everyone you meet saying, “Hey, your’e from the future as well… right.”. Hopefully someone will reply “How did you know?”.


Browsers should use a 2 Mb cap in loading of any website.

If displaying the site goes over you get “You have visited some stupidly large web page, do you wan’t to continue?”.

Also why can’t there be 100 odd ‘standard internet fonts’, so that we can do away with many custom font downloads for web pages.

Leave fake logins on sticky notes around the office, and log if anyone attempts to use them.

Also some easy to find network ports that connect to an isolated honey pot.