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Practical Iterative K-ary Tree (aka n-ary, n-tree) Traversal in C#. A surprisingly useful tool for the average programmer.

Introduction: A lot of components in the C# environment are essentially a K-ary [kay-er-ee] tree. From tree-view nodes, to serialising a type via reflection, to directory listings to menu hierarchies, and so on. Often we need to iterate through these types of structures, or our own trees, and we just write some code to do […]

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How to make coloured text in acrylic with spray paint.

Laser engraving text on acrylic / perspex does not create a lot of contrast. This leads to the subject of painting text on the acrylic. I have developed some useful methods of achieving this that I thought I would share.

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What’s inside an integrated circuit? We broke one open and scanned it for you at 12,800DPI

Because you always wondered what was inside. See if you can guess which IC it was? Useful image for teachers, overhead slides etc. NB: This is not always a good DIY or classroom activity. Be aware that some electrical components create a seriously hazardous dust when broken open. Rectifiers, Hi Power transistors, Older IC’s & IC’s with certain […]

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Neat maths trick with an orange. Bonus: the worst duck joke ever!

Draw five dots anywhere on an orange with a white board marker.  There is a way to cut the orange exactly in half so that at least four of the dots are visible on one side.  Can you figure out how? Solution in this video.

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Quick Graphs to make PCB Track Width and Silkscreen Ratios easy.

Recently I had to make a series of circuit boards using Eagle Cad.

I spent a lot of time calculating track widths to make sure my circuit board could handle the current I was using.
Then I had to do more calculations for font ratios. so that that all lines were wide enough to work with the silk screening process.

Sick of this; I quickly used matlab to create a few charts so I could look up the answers quickly.
I thought I would share these charts and the matlab scripts, hope they are useful.

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Large & Interesting Datasets

This is a list of impressive / interesting data-sets I have come across. They are typically free, machine readable, downloadable and extensive.