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What is the difference between a laser that will cut metals and one that won’t?

A friend who recently acquired a CO2 laser cutter for his school recently sent me a message. “What is the difference between a laser that will cut metals and one that won’t?”. I thought this is a good question, as the answer will help with understanding how to work with many materials.

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Making a Train Set: Part 1 – Design and Woodwork.

Recently I have been building a train set, I will blog the progress, in six parts, highlighting how I get certain things done.

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I reckon my fan guard design is pretty damn neat. (Free Plans)

I needed some fan guards for my arcade machine and for a neat little entertainment centre hack. Playing around I made a fish-eye honey-comb screen that looked pretty good. The pattern has larger holes near the centre of the fan and smaller holes where it counts.

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How to make coloured text in acrylic with spray paint.

Laser engraving text on acrylic / perspex does not create a lot of contrast. This leads to the subject of painting text on the acrylic. I have developed some useful methods of achieving this that I thought I would share.

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Spice Rack Plans (Woodworking)

My Spice Rack plans and effect were quite solid. As people still remark on the unit, I will share the design. DXF included.

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Quick Graphs to make PCB Track Width and Silkscreen Ratios easy.

Recently I had to make a series of circuit boards using Eagle Cad.

I spent a lot of time calculating track widths to make sure my circuit board could handle the current I was using.
Then I had to do more calculations for font ratios. so that that all lines were wide enough to work with the silk screening process.

Sick of this; I quickly used matlab to create a few charts so I could look up the answers quickly.
I thought I would share these charts and the matlab scripts, hope they are useful.