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Salary vs. Fucks Given, by Industry

Formula for fucks given by salary:
F = 0.5b² +0.06b + 0.0001
F = Fucks given (1,000 millifucks /day)
b = Salary in 1,000 bucks per year (kilo-bucks-per-anum)

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35 Strange Alternatives for the Word “Return”.

“Return” (based in latin) [re =back, tornare = to turn]. ie to turn back.
Scopeturn [scope = examine] so: “on closer inspection, you can have it back”. Read on for more…

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When a picture is worth 1000 semilegible words.

(click for full size)     All these uni adverts with different reasons you should attend them. None say “Hey south paws, you can actually take notes if you enrol with us”.

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Neat maths trick with an orange. Bonus: the worst duck joke ever!

Draw five dots anywhere on an orange with a white board marker.  There is a way to cut the orange exactly in half so that at least four of the dots are visible on one side.  Can you figure out how? Solution in this video.

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10 ways to (actually) make university IT assignments more relevant to industry.

I was asked how I would make assignments more relevant to industry, my response was not what they expected.

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43 email sign-offs, and what they really mean to an Australian.

A list of what people are really saying when they sign of an e-mail.