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Surface Preparation and Finger Prints. How bad are they?

In preparing a surface for paint / glue / thermal paste / soldering / whatever, there is one thing to remember. A normal finger print is of similar thickness to cling wrap (0.01mm). A thick (eg post pizza) print, where the ridges are no longer visible, is closer to the thickness of a sheet of paper (0.1mm).

Rule of thumb. If you would you would not be happy with this kind of material on the surface of whatever you are coating, remove your finger prints.

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Cheap and easy temperature controlled cabinet fan.

Cabinet cooling hack. Because good entertainment units are still not heat dissipation savvy.

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Spice Rack Plans (Woodworking)

My Spice Rack plans and effect were quite solid. As people still remark on the unit, I will share the design. DXF included.